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    When do I book my room?

    Do I need a deposit?

    Is there an application fee?

    When will my move-in date be?

    Do I need to bring furniture?

    Who can I put as a guarantor?

    Where is Haigh Court in relation to the universities?

    What facilities are there in the building?

    Can I bring my friends over?

    How long will I live there?

    What happens after the lease ends?

    If I renew my lease for the following year, can I keep my stuff in my room, even if I leave?

    If I don’t renew my lease, can I keep my stuff at Haigh Court?

    Can I cancel my booking?

    What security services are there at Haigh Court?

    Can I smoke in my room?

    What insurance will I need?

    Will I be sharing the room with anyone?

    Is there parking?

    Are utilities included in my rent?

    Can I bring a pet?